Little Things That Make a BIG Difference!

Closed Fruit ShopEight months ago I moved to a new area. On my way home one day I saw a sign outside a fruit and vegetable store that caught my eye. They were selling fruit for about half what I used to pay at the store I patronaged where I used to live. Day after day I would see the signs and realised that they were selling most of their goods at these low prices.

It didn’t take long before I pulled into this store. I was happy with the variety of fruit and vegetables and the staff were very friendly. Needless to say, I shopped there a lot.

Then about a month ago the unimaginable happened. My favourite fruit and vegetable store closed down for good!

At first I was surprised… everytime I had been there they were busy and they had a great location, right on the main road. There was plenty of parking available. They had everything going for them.

Now, I don’t know exactly why this store closed down, but there is one very little thing that they were doing that I would say was hurting them a lot. It was so important that I even asked one of the staff to bring it to the owner’s attention. Don’t know if they did.

Here’s what it was…

Soon after I moved into my new home, I noticed that there was a credit card charge that I didn’t recognise at all. Fearing that one of the new stores I had used my card at were involved in credit card theft, I promptly called my credit card provider hoping they could tell me who had made this charge.

They couldn’t. They couldn’t even tell what type of business it was, except that it was a retail business.

I asked them to investigate further. The procedure for doing this involves them asking for a chargeback (claiming back the payment) and then seeing what kind of a response they get. My bank explained this to me and I told them to go ahead.

In the meantime, I kept visiting the store. Not many days later the penny dropped and I realised that the unknown credit card charges were coming from the fruit shop!

I called the bank and told them to cancel the chargeback.

Being concerned that I wasn’t the only one having this issue, the next time visiting the store I tried to talk to the owner but he wasn’t there. I told a staff member the issue and they said they would tell the owner.

I don’t know if they did. In any case the store closed shortly after this.

It may not be the reason the store closed but it wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t one of the main factors. Little things can make a BIG difference in your business. Pay attention to all the details, especially where customer experience is concerned.

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