JLDC 0098: One-Click Lindsey Interview – Traffic and Leads

Getting traffic and leads for your business is not hard… if you follow the 5 simple steps Lindsey Anderson shares with us in this interview.

Lindsey Anderson is the founder of ‘Traffic and Leads’ and has helped many businesses over the years to get real results with Internet marketing.

Topics discussed during this podcast include;

  • The 5 Pillars of a Successful Online Business
  • Best ways to get traffic for your business
  • Real life case studies of clients Lindsey has helped over the years
  • And much more!

You can play this session of the podcast here:

One-Click Lindsey Anderson Interview with John Lagoudakis

Websites referenced during the podcast:

Here’s a timeline of the topics discussed during the podcast:

0:30 – Lindsey Anderson short bio
1:20 – Lindsey Anderson’s background, growing up, and how ‘TrafficAndLeads.com’ came about
5:30 – The 5 Pillars of a Successful Online Business
6:00 – What approach do you take with new clients?
8:00 – Building a list for your business
11:00 – What are the fundamentals to creating a killer website?
15:15 – What do you recommend for generating traffic?
17:00 – How do we get our potential customer’s attention?
18:45 – Email marketing strategies
22:20 – Building a relationship with your clients
23:00 – Why don’t business owners and entrepreneurs set up their online presence properly?
26:50 – Case studies of clients Lindsey has been able to help
29:15 – Lindsey’s final thoughts
29:45 – How to get in contact with and work with Lindsey

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