JLDC 0085: Jenn Scalia – Visibility Strategist and Online Business Coach

In this interview, we get into the mind of Jenn Scalia, who went from divorced, broke and a single mom living with her parents, to a multi 6-figure business within just 2 years!

Jenn Scalia - Visibility Strategist & Online Business CoachTopics discussed during this podcast include;

  • How did you get started in business?
  • What makes a successful entrepreneur?
  • Which books have had the biggest impact on your life?
  • And much more!

You can play this session of the podcast here:

Here’s a timeline of the topics discussed during the podcast:

0:00 – Introduction
0:30 – Jenn Scalia’s biography
2:30 – Jenn talks about her growing up and influences
4:00 – Juggling family and starting a new business
5:15 – Why Jenn started her business
6:20 – Refining her business strategy
8:30 – Why was Jenn able to be successful in promoting herself through social media networks

9:30 – What is life like now compared to when you first started out
10:20 – What makes a successful entrepreneur
11:00 – What books have had the biggest influence on your life

14:00 – Which people do you look up to
14:40 – What does the future hold for you
15:20 – Final thoughts and advice

Websites referenced during the podcast:
Jenn Scalia’s website
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

This podcast is a recording of the live weekly conference calls held exclusively for John Lagoudakis dot com members.

These weekly conference calls are open to all topics related to business, marketing and even personal development.

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