How To Set Up An Email Marketing Campaign – Introduction

I’ve been very fortunate to make a full-time living, working from home, strictly with email marketing campaigns. I’ve been doing it for almost 4 years now which makes me very qualified to share with you how to set up an email marketing campaign.

Why do I choose email marketing over other methods of making money online? An experience I had early on in my Internet marketing career taught me the importance of not leaving all your eggs in one basket, and having as much control as possible over your income stream/s.

In July 2009 I had one income source; I was making a lot money directing Google Adwords traffic direct to Clickbank offers. Over the months and years I had spent a LOT of time creating and fine-tuning these campaigns…

…but in an instant all the campaigns and my income was gone!

What happened was that Google had decided they had had enough of Clickbank affiliate marketers that were using their Adwords campaigns (there must have been a few rogue ones out there) and they decided to indefinitely suspend all Adwords accounts that were promoting Clickbank offers.

I was just one of thousands. I tried to get my Adwords campaigns reinstated but it was all in vain. It was devastating.

It was then and there that I vowed to myself that this would NEVER happen again. Which is why I chose email marketing. With a list you have total control of how and when you market to them, and you can take that list with you anywhere.

Here’s some other reasons email marketing is the cornerstone of all successful online businesses:

– Market to your list whenever you like (and literally make money on demand by clicking the ‘Send’ button)
– No restrictions on the type of content you send to your list
– Versatility. You can market to your list whatever is hot in the market
– Your list is a sellable asset
– Freedom! Most email marketing tasks can be set up to be completely automated

The Content

I’ve broken it down for you ‘How To Set Up An Email Marketing Campaign’ into 10 areas:

1. Selecting a Niche
2. Finding a Free Offer
3. Domain Name and Web Hosting
4. Setting Up a Squeeze Page
5. The Opt In Form
6. Creating a One-Time Offer
7. Affiliate Offers
8. Thank You and Download Pages
9. Follow Up Email Sequence
10. Driving Traffic To Your Squeeze Page

Each of these 10 areas will be covered in depth in upcoming articles. Everything that I will be sharing will be strategies that have been proven in the real world. Enjoy 🙂

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