How to Get Followers on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most visited and used sites online. It’s also a great place to get free, targeted traffic to your website. The questions is how to get followers on Twitter?

A follower on Twitter is someone who has chosen to see whatever ‘tweets’ you post on Twitter. Because tweets can only be up to 140 characters long, Twitter is considered a micro-blogging platform. It’s like a blog but on a smaller scale.

Ideally, you want to get followers on Twitter that are interested in what you are sharing with the world. If you have a site about gardening and that’s what you tweet about, you want to have gardening enthusiasts following you.

One way is to actively seek out, in this example, gardeners. To do this, within your Twitter account is a link titled ‘Find People’. All you need to do here is type in some keywords or phrases such as “gardening” or “gardener” and click ‘Search’.

You’ll be presented with hundreds of people that have are most likely to be interested in your niche. Follow whomever you feel would be interested in your tweets. By doing this, it is very likely that they will follow you back. And not only them but possibly their own followers as well.

For this search feature to work effectively, it is dependent on the Twitter users using these keywords in their bio, their name or their location. If you want others to find you when they do a search, make sure you are using your main keywords in your own bio, name and/or location (as appropriate).

Another way to get followers on Twitter fast is to post regular, informative tweets. Every few hours post a tweet that will uplift and/or inform your target audience. In the case of gardening, give some handy tips for free.

Don’t over-tweet or advertise your site too much – this will turn your followers off.

Retweet tweets that you like (especially of those that have a large following) and encourage others to retweet your tweets. Doing this increases your exposure and also makes your profile visible in social graphs, which means even more exposure for you.

Last, but certainly not least, make sure that you place your website in the ‘Web’ field in your profile settings!

As time goes by, you may find that you are following much more people than are following you. This is okay up to a certain point and once you reach it Twitter will notify you that you can’t follow any more people until your following catches up to a certain level.

In this case, you may want to unfollow those who are not following you. Fortunately, there are free online services that can tell you exactly who these people are. A search on Bing for “who is not following me on Twitter” will bring up some of these free services.

A word of caution: Make sure you read Twitter’s terms of service before you add or unfollow lots of people. Twitter accounts that are too aggressive in this manner and breach the Twitter TOS do get banned.

Now that you know how to get followers on Twitter go out there and start tweeting!

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6 thoughts on “How to Get Followers on Twitter”

  1. Tom@NetAccountant

    I found that creating lists aimed at your target followers also helps getting more people to subscribe to your tweets. They will perceive you as being an authority and therefore will be more willing to follow you.

  2. Twitter is not very popular in my country (in comparison to facebook) so I’m not sure how worth while it is for my website. I do have an account, but I’m just not sure if it makes any sense putting effort in finding followers.

  3. Hi,
    What i do to increase my followers is do a relative search on what i am trying to promote on twitter’s search.
    I follow the people which i think are in the same field.
    And they follow back.

  4. My e-commerce site does giveaways via our Twitter followers. This has really helped us increase signups and sales have followed.

  5. Gaining followers on Twitter can be challenging, at the beginning i used to post links towards my site, now i do this more rarely, and concentrate on offering fresh news and outsourcing tips.

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