13 thoughts on “How To Avoid Having Your Youtube Videos Flagged And Your Account Suspended”

  1. I have had one video flagged and I tried to contact Youtube to no avail. Then I lost interest in Youtube marketing for about 8 months. It’s only now that I am back. The maddening thing is, it was a video that had nothing to do with any of the things you have written above!

    Anyway, thank you for the tips. They sure are handy.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I sure was unable to understand the first one when I read it in the guidelines but oh well.

    My account got banned for two weeks, nd I don’t even know why. The first video that was flagged was a fifty subscriber special and I kind of didn’t do a lot just talked about things. It got flagged and I was like “wut?”.
    Then the other one was a video of me beating a level on a pretty popular horror game, and I made a little edit with one of the monsters saying “Its raping time”, and since this is a quote from one of Pewdiepie’s videos, it got flagged almost instantly, like 1 hour after I uploaded it. I don’t even know why, everything was legit and nice and all… 🙁

    1. Thanks for sharing Gordoth.

      Let me give you an update on my Youtube situation (this might help)… since I’ve enable Monetization on my Youtube account, and also allowing Youtube to advertise on all my videos (I choose the ‘Overlay in-video ads’ only because it’s not as intrusive as the ‘Trueview in-stream ads’) I haven’t had one video flagged at all…

      …and this is after uploading at least 50 new videos 🙂

      (fingers crossed!!)

  3. Well, wow, you replied pretty fast. But, between us, I got my videos removed and the strikes dealt AFTER I enabled monetization. I do not know why,but people seem to just hate me because I am still under the age of 18. Also, if you are asking about how do I get monetization, it’s called dad

  4. People listen. Make a backup of your videos. If your account gets terminated then just create a new account and reupload your stuff. It’s not that hard. Personally I will just keep creating new accounts. Sick of all this censorship nowadays. And as for Google, they ruined the Internet. Everything is their way or the highway. Forget that. It’s my way and that’s it!!!!!

    1. Hey Sean, thanks for the comments. Yeah, I’m not a big fan of Google censorship standards. All that hard work I had done, and it’s gone in an instant with no explanation apart from a generic response. I checked their guidelines so many times it’s not funny. There was nothing I was doing that went against them. They are truly heartless.

  5. Hi john sir,

    I’m feeling some rival channel might have flagged it off as. Wer posting original content.youtube also isn’t giving any reasons.

    Plz help as our teams whole work is invested in it.

      1. Thanks for the message Rohan. Please post your youtube channel and also the links to the videos that have been flagged (maybe you could upload them to Vimeo and put the links here?)

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