How To Add a Facebook Like Button To Your WordPress Blog

Facebook Like buttons are appearing all over the place… and you should have them on your blog too!

Here’s why…

Free, viral traffic!

When someone ‘Likes’ a website, it appears on their Facebook profile (as a clickable link) for all their friends to see. If their friends visit your site and do the same thing, then you can imagine how much traffic you can get if your content is really buzz-worthy!

It’s so easy to set up Facebook Like buttons on your WordPress blog. Here’s how…

  • Log into your WordPress Dashboard
  • Under the Plugins section (left-hand menu), select ‘Add New
  • In the Search field, type in “Facebook Like” and click on the ‘Search plugins‘ button
  • The first result in the list should be “Facebook Like” (exact wording). This is the one we want to install
  • Click on ‘Install Now
  • After the successful installation of the plugin, click on the ‘Activate Plugin‘ link

Now that the Facebook Like plugin has been successfully installed and activated, we need to configure where we want the Like button to appear on our blog and how we want it to look.

To do this, in your WordPress Dashboard, scroll down the left-hand menu to the ‘Settings‘ section and click on ‘Facebook Like‘.

On the Facebook Like settings page you’ll have the opportunity to decide where you want the Like button to appear. Currently, there are three options:

  • Display the button on pages
  • Display the button on the front page (home)
  • Display the button on the Single post page

I recommend that you select all three. The more exposure you give the Facebook Like button the better.

For the ‘Place in content’ setting, I like to have the Like button below my content, that way when someone reads my post or page, they’ll see the Like button right away and will click it if they liked the content.

The rest of the settings can be left as is (you don’t need a Facebook Application ID for this plugin to work).

Congratulations! You’ve just added Facebook Like buttons to your WordPress blog!

If you’ve found this information helpful, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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  1. Globay HR Consultants

    This plugin seems quite impressive. We are using “Facebook like box” for our website, it is working fine, have no issue with it, but what I like about this “Facebook like” plugin is that it can display the button on the single post page.

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