How Do I Handle Support Requests on Affiliate Sales?

Hi John,

I have a query. As affiliates, when we promote products, the leads or prospects tend to ask questions regarding the product or sometimes it is also about dissatisfied customers of the product posting their concerns to us.

These customers may or may not have bought the product through us. How do we handle these queries?

How could we take responsibility for handling the questions?

There are instances when the vendor company does not bother to reply to affiliates promoting its products, when questions from customers are passed on to it, at the same time, the customers may want resolutions of their queries. I am facing these issues with some affiliate products that I am promoting.



Hi Vidya,

One of the benefits of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to handle support requests for the products that you promote and that people purchase through your promotions.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t help your followers if they have a question about a product that you’re recommending. Far from it!

However, there is no burden or expectation for you to provide that support.

What I usually do is refer the person to the best place where they can get the support they need. Sometimes this is an email address, sometimes it is a support ticketing site.

If I feel it would help, I sometimes email the product owner directly, letting them know that one of my followers has a question about the product and I’d appreciate them answering that question.

If you find that you or your followers are not getting the support they need from a product owner, I’d recommend that you don’t promote that product anymore.



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