Creating Your Own Audio Programs

In a previous article we talked about the importance of branding yourself online by creating your own products and services. We also talked about how a great place to start is by writing a report or ebook.

The next step is to start creating your own audio products.

If you’ve written a report or ebook, this is very easy to do. All you need to do is narrate that written content!

If you haven’t written anything yet, that’s okay. You can very quickly and easily create audio content. Some good ideas include:

  • Interviewing someone in your niche
  • Have someone interview you
  • Record a conference call
  • Write down some bullet points on a topic and record yourself discussing it

When creating audio content, there is no specific length of time it needs to go for. It can be a 5 minute audio piece or one that goes for 10 hours or more. It will depend on what the topic is and to what purpose you are creating the audio program.

For example, you might want to create a 15 minute audio where you discuss your blueprint for online success and then offer to give your website visitors free access to that audio in exchange for them opting in to your email list.

Another example is where you create a 5-CD audio series on the step-by-step details of how anyone can set up a successful online business. This audio program you would sell on your website or Clickbank for a premium price.

How Do You Create Audio Files?

Some of you might be wondering how you can go about creating an audio recording? There are several different ways, and it will depend on what type of recording it is.

For recording one-on-one or group Skype conference calls, I personally use Pamela. I’ve found Pamela to be a bit buggy as it is not always reliable. Quite a few of the recordings don’t work out. Recently I discovered a new software called Free Video Call Recorder for Skype by DVDVideoSoft. I’ve used their other products before and they are excellent so I’m sure this one will work well also.

You can also use Pamela or Free Video Call Recorder for Skype for recording interviews done over Skype.

If you are conducting an interview face to face, you can use a free app on your smartphone to record your audio. For iPhone users there’s a great free app called Voice Record Pro.

For recording yourself on your PC, you can use Audacity.

Ways to Distribute Your Audio Programs

These programs turn your audio into .mp3 files which you can then giveaway or sell, or use the same files to create audio CDs.

If you want to create physical CDs to ship out to clients, you can use an affordable on-demand service like the one offered at Kunaki. Audio CDs and DVDs (including covers and designs) can be created for as little as $1 each or less! Kunaki will also drop ship the CDs for around $4.20 each.

Another service you can use to create and ship physical audio CDs is Amazon’s CreateSpace. The cost per CD sale is $4.95 + 15% of the sale price + shipping. The reason CreateSpace charge so much more is because they offer a marketplace where your products get exposure and sales.

Therefore, if you’re generating the sales, use a service like Kunaki. If you want more exposure for your audio content, make it available on CreateSpace also.

Marketplaces to promote and make available your audio programs in digital format are Audible, Clickbank, iTunes and also CreateSpace. Audible is owned by Amazon and is a marketplace purely for audio content. It is by far the most popular audiobook marketplace online today.

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