Clickbank Review Site Critique… HUGE Mistake!

Here’s an email I received today:

Great webinar John. I started affiliate marking in April and have been promoting one clickbank product and have made nearly $700 from just a couple of hours work each week. My goal is to earn $2000 a month but i’m definitely going to apply email marketing.

“But i have a question, how do i get peoples emails to begin before i send out emails?

“I’m already using aweber and have only 5 people fill out the form on my website but i’d like to be able to send out at least 500 emails to randomers and hope that they will subscribe to my newsletter or download a free ebook or something.

“The website I’m an affilate for is and luckily enough i’m at the top of page 1 of google for they keyword, “Tao System”. The product i’m promoting is The Tao of Badass which pays a 75% commission (pretty awesome) but i haven’t received an income since the 6th of May.

“I was making sales at least 4 days a week for but all of a sudden it has stopped. I can’t put my finger on why I no longer make these sales. And i’m constantly adding new content and i’m proving the layout of the website.

“I’m getting at least 60-100 visitors each day and I only started promoting the product since the beginning of April this year.

“Can you please give me some advice on how I can increase the number of sales and traffic to my website?

“Also keyword research seems so hard because i’ve have found products on clickbank and when i go to search using google keyword tool for low competition keywords with high global searches it’d difficult to find keywords.

“Please give me your expertise as i would love to start making money again.

“Thanks Justin”

First of all, let me give you a BIG congratulations, Justin! You’ve achieved a lot more than most by making $700 from affiliate marketing after only one month. That’s awesome!

Let me ask you a question, is the traffic you’re receiving right now the same as the amount of traffic you were receiving when you were making four sales a week?

If it is the same amount of traffic, then I’d recommend that you reverse whatever changes you have made since then. Even little things can make a big difference, e.g. Having large ‘Add to Cart’ buttons on your site can be sometimes much less effective than focusing on preselling and having simple ‘Find out more here’ links to the Clickbank sales page.

If a site is converting well for you, whenever you make changes it is going to do one of two things; increase conversions, or decrease conversions. Even though you think you’re improving the layout, etc. it’s the visitors to your site that ultimately decide which is the best layout 🙂

Here’s some specific suggestions I have for your site:

  • Home page has too many articles. Focus on one really good presell article.
  • Don’t direct link to Clickbank checkout page. Two reasons for this; first, it is better to presell the product and then link to the sales page. Two, YOUR AFFILIATE ID IS NOT BEING REGISTERED. When clicking on the ‘Add to Cart’ button on your site, it led me directly to the Clickbank checkout page, at the bottom of which it reads [Affiliate = none]. This means that you’re not being credited for the sale! This would explain why you’re not earning commissions anymore.
  • Focus on how the product has helped you to achieve your goals. Express as many of the frustrations and emotions before, and then the joy and emotions of after using the product.

When it comes to traffic, I’d recommend video marketing (i.e. videos on Youtube) and Facebook pages.

As far as building your list, you’ve done a great job with the optin form on the top of the right-hand sidebar. You could also get a pop-up optin form plugin installed that will help you get more subscribers.

Have your own opinion about what Justin could be doing better on his site? Leave a comment below!


1 thought on “Clickbank Review Site Critique… HUGE Mistake!”

  1. John thanks a lot for posting this as an article and for giving me a lot of helpful advice. To answer some of your questions…

    I was making more sales when the site I wasn’t trying to figure out ways to improve the overall layout and, when i started adding more articles to the site it just meant that I needed to seperate the articles from the home page so that visitors wouldn’t have to scroll all the way down to see whats on the other end. Lesson learned, I’ll disable articles from home page.

    I was shocked when I clicked on the Add to Cart button at the bottom of the page to see it redirect to the products sales page with somebody else’s affiliate id at the bottom “[affiliate = techiemani]” (DEFINITELY NOT MINE). Also I always make sure it goes to sales page, not to check out page.

    I will investigate that and find out that person is, a lot of hackers out there.

    I wasn’t making as many sales when I had that big yellow “ADD To Cart” button so I completely removed it and replaced with “Click Here To Find Out More” Link. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

    I don’t like recording videos of myself If i’m promoting other peoples products but I prefer to download the merchants videos and upload them to my own channel and promote that way. He has a lot of videos on his affiliate page so I have permission to do that. Hope it brings traffic to my site now 🙂

    I have changed the website back to the way it use to be accept added I added a really cool opt in form at the top which will hopefully make things better so fingers crossed.

    John once again, thanks for all of your support and help and look forward to learning more from you in the future. Much Success,


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