Clickbank Apex Elite Program

Earlier this year an unexpected email made my day… Clickbank informed me that I had qualified for inclusion in their Apex Elite program 🙂

I was quite stunned to learn that I was one of the top 100 affiliates in 2009! You’ll realise the magnitude of it when you consider that Clickbank has hundreds of thousands of registered affiliates.

Membership into the Clickbank Apex Elite program is reviewed yearly and is determined by the following factors:

– Gross sales from the previous year
– Refund rates
– No spam or FTC issues
– Participation in the Clickbank community

Clickbank Apex Elite Certificate

When you become a member of Clickbank’s Apex Elite, some of the privileges you receive include:

– Your own account specialist
– Beta testing of new features
– Guest spots on the Clickbank newsletter and blog
– ClickBank Apex Elite certificate (see picture!)

My dealings with Clickbank prior to becoming a member of the program were always positive. Now, as an Apex Elite member they have taken their user experience to a whole new level.

It only serves to reinforce what I’ve been saying for a long time – if you’re new to affiliate marketing, I strongly recommend that you start out with Clickbank.

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  1. Hi John..

    In the second video.. Do you mean to have 5 articles per keyword (25 articles total), or 5 articles, each containing the 5 keywords in each?

    Thanks for the videos.

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