Can’t Promote Clickbank Products In Your Country?

Hello, John!

First of all. thank you so much for contacting me!

I’m a newbie and I’m a foreigner.

Ya , I see in order to earn money I need a website.Yes, I have the website. which i ordered through the CloudProhosting!

I’ll introduce myself little. 

My name’s Tselmenkhorloo. I live in Mongolia. I’m a teacher russian.I’m 49 years old. I have one son, now he studies in China He’s 17 years old.

I’ll tell you why I wrote that because our country doesn’t listed in Clickbank , so we decided to open Clickbank account there in China and my son one month ago opened Clickbank account but we still couldn’t earn any money our account still empty!!!!

I need to work one to one in details,because I have barrier in english Of course, if it is possible!!!

We need to pay a big debt!! So we search in internet to earn extra money!! There’s huge information I don’t know which is true, which is wrong ??!! What’s the problem!! and many of them need to pay!!

Also I have one question,Please may I promote products clickbank instead of my son from Mongolia?? What should i do in this situation??

Thank you so much for understanding me!!

Best Regards,



Hi Tselmenkhorloo,

Thanks for writing me.

Clickbank is the most popular digital affiliate marketplace, but there are many other marketplaces out there… and ones too that may accept Mongolian citizens.

Other affiliate marketplaces include:

  • Digiresults
  • Paydotcom
  • Payspree
  • Clicksure
  • Shareasale

All these affiliate networks, like Clickbank, are free to join and have many quality products listed that you can earn up to 100% commission on per sale. Products that convert very well.

In fact, many Clickbank vendors also place their products on these networks as well for extra traffic and sales.

There are also affiliate marketplaces for physical products that you could consider. Here’s a few of the most popular ones:

  • Amazon Associates
  • Commission Junction
  • Clixgalore


Best regards,


2 thoughts on “Can’t Promote Clickbank Products In Your Country?”

  1. John,

    Thank you very much for the Clickbank alternative you recommended. I live in Nigeria, and we Nigerians are also not allowed to register with Clickbank. Now, I can look elsewhere.

    Although, I know of Amazon affiliates, but I don’t like them because of the meager commissions. However, I will try the other options.

    Once again, thank you very much for this post!

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