What are the Best Paid Traffic Sources in 2017?

I’ve asked some of the leading real-world Internet marketers out there what are the best paid traffic sources in 2017. Their responses are below.

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*** Best paid traffic sources (Google Adwords) ***

Best Paid Traffic Sources 2017“For me, Google Adwords will always be the best source of paid traffic – especially taking into consideration the recent changes that the layout has undergone which makes their distinction from the organic results even more discreet.

“People will generally prefer to click on the organic results, but we’ve noticed our click-through rate steadily climb since the new update was unveiled.

“The main drawback of Google Adwords is undoubtedly how expensive the Cost Per Click (CPC) is, but if you’ve created an effective landing page then you should have a high conversion rate, and your high CPC will be justified.”

Max Robinson, AIMS

*** Facebook Ads (Remarketing) ***

Facebook Ads still remain one of the most under-priced and best sources of paid traffic, particularly when you build a remarketing list.

“We set up our remarketing to target customers who leave our website at different stages of our sales funnel. So depending on when you drop off of our funnel, you will be targeted with a different Facebook ad that will bring you to a different landing page geared towards getting you back into our sales funnel.

“We know when you drop out of our funnel based on the URL you saw when you left our website and we put that information directly into Facebook to target our audience.

“Taking your time to create unique ads and then monitoring and making adjustments as the campaign moves forward is the difference between winning and losing on Facebook.”

John Reinesch, SEO Strategist – Austin & Williams

*** Best paid traffic sources 2017 (Facebook, Youtube Video & Bing Ads) ***

“If you are looking to promote a blog, Facebook is the best paid traffic source.

“You can target your compelling content to people who have either visited your site or people who will be interested in your content. If your content is truly great and you do a great job of targeting, you can achieve a website click under $0.10.

“Another paid traffic source that is underutilized is Facebook video advertising and YouTube video advertising.

“If implemented properly, you can achieve a $0.02 cost per view on YouTube. On Facebook, you can achieve similar results as well… Since creating a video takes more time, there isn’t as much competition, which can deliver great results for your paid advertising.

Bing ads deliver a 30% lower cost per click compared to Google. This can be a great paid traffic source.

“Make sure to analyze the traffic quality though. If you can get an average time on site and conversion rate similar to Google, it is worthwhile to diversify budget and invest in Bing advertising.

“The above mentioned tips can offer the best return on investment for paid advertisements for your business!”

Jason Parks – The Media Captain

*** Most Underutilized Paid Source of Traffic 2017 for Bloggers (StumbleUpon Paid Discovery) ***

“For my surprise there is one underutilized paid source of traffic called SumbleUpon Paid Discovery.

“It is not the best source for traffic for eCommerce because it rarely converts into sales, but it is perfect for bloggers with engaging content to get the exposure and momentum to become viral.

“With the usual cost of $0.12-0.14 per view it is affordable to circulate the content for couple of days even for very broad auditory.

“The good thing is, that StumbleUpon provides free view depending on your content’s engagement rates. So, with better content you, it becomes cheaper to broadcast it.

“It is also convenient that users watching or interacting with the content are easily trackable through Google Analytics in the Social Category.”

Ostap Bosak – Royal Fur Shop

Other Best Paid Traffic Sources in 2017?

Is there any source of paid traffic you’re using successfully that isn’t mentioned here? Leave a comment below!

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