Are You An Internet Marketing Zombie?

A good friend of mine, Gary Simpson, recently wrote about a saddening new trend in the Internet Marketing world… Internet Marketing zombies!

What am I talking about? It’s those professed “guru” IMers that are launching a new product just about every single month. You know what I’m talking about… headlines like:

“Factory Worker Earns $347,819 Per Month Within Just 8 Weeks…”

“Newbie Makes $1,672 Per Day With New Clickbank Software!”

It also talks about email marketers that use every trick in the book just to get you to open an email and click the links. You’ve seen the subject lines before…

“PayPal transaction number 3298720098”

“Your download link…”

“Congratulations on your purchase…”

“Re: Hi”

The people that are suffering most (and being exploited) by this deceptive marketing is those new to making money online. A classic example of these totally deceptive tactics is a new Clickbank product called Stripped Down Profits. It’s so bad that I don’t want to give it the dignity of a link from this blog!

On the site you’ll see an actual video of a young woman who claims to have been a stripper (or something like that). Somehow she ends up finding out some secret “make money online” strategy from a bunch of guys that frequented the club she worked at. A short time later she owns a couple of big fancy properties and is living the rich life.

And there’s photos to prove it!

But if you do just some basic research you’ll see that all the images that she uses (and claims to be her actual home, etc) are just standard stock photos that anyone can use and are all over the internet.

It’s amazing that many marketers are using these tactics… and some even with their own name. They may make some money right now but they won’t last long. No one that has a reputable following will continue to promote products for internet marketers like this. You can’t; as soon as you do, you lose the trust of your subscribers and once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

My advice to budding Internet Marketers is to be straight-forward with your products, your promotions and with your followers. I’m not saying that your sales copy should be boring – you won’t make any sales that way – but don’t be deceptive. It’s just not worth it and will ruin everything for you in the long run.

Recently, I did an adswap with a certain individual who scammed me. He sent false clicks and optins. When I discovered this I confronted him but he denied it. Not only that, he pressed me to send him more clicks to match the fake ones he sent me (can you believe that!).

Anyway, I made a video of my Aweber account showing the stats and fake email accounts from our adswap and warned everyone in our adswap community. Soon there were others that responded that they had checked their stats from previous adswaps with this guy and found the same results.

To make a long story short, this guy was suspended from Safe Swaps and his reputation is in tatters. No one in their right mind is willing to do an adswap with him. And if you can’t do joint ventures in this business you won’t go far.

Here’s what I’m driving at… if you want to be successful as an Internet Marketer (or in anything else in life), you need to follow the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

I highly recommend that you read Gary’s report – download it free here: “How NOT To Be An Internet Marketing ZOMBIE!“. Enjoy 🙂

How To NOT Be An Internet Marketing ZOMBIE!

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13 thoughts on “Are You An Internet Marketing Zombie?”

  1. Hi John,

    I truly believe it is best to build long term business instead of just trying to make fast cash by scamming people with these stupid email headlines. I hate these type of emails which say that I’ve made a sale. When I get that type of email I unsubscribe as fast as in one second 🙂

    What I have figured out during my short internet marketing career, is the best way to make lots of money as fast as possible is to build a real long term business. It took me 4 months to figure out this, but after I understood that, money started flowing in quite fast! 🙂

    Matt Poc

    1. Hi Matt,

      There’s a great saying by Edmund Burke, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

      We need to speak up about what’s been going on in the IM niche and say, “This is wrong and we will not support it!”

  2. what you were saying here
    [quote]The people that are suffering most (and being exploited) by this deceptive marketing is those new to making money online.[/quote]
    applies to me! =P

  3. Hi John,

    Let’s keep putting pressure on these zombies.

    Here’s a really stupid and deceptive email that I received this morning…

    The subject line said: “Payment Confirmation (2nd Notice)”

    And the text said:

    “Hi Gary,

    There IS a copy remaining for you! No
    Payment is necessary!

    I have taken care of it.

    No joke, no kidding, no exaggeration.

    Go here and see for yourself”

    You just gotta laugh at how utterly LAME these zombies are – “No joke, no kidding, no exaggeration.” And he’s “taken care” of payment. What a load of old cobblers.

    And the guy who sends these nutty emails has half a dozen different names that he uses.

    It’s just SO dumb!

    Thanks for supporting my drive against Internet Marketing Zombieism.

    Gary Simpson

    PS: How good does that cover look!?

  4. Hey John:

    You are so on point here! I laugh everytime I get an email with these type of subject lines. Then I turn around and unsubsribe from their list.

    It is sad that people keep falling for these type of marketing gimmicks. I really makes me mad that alot of these marketers are making lots of money and i am bearly making any. But I will not give in to the tactics just to make more money.

    I really liked Gary’s ebook and I hope that the message can continue to be spread and peoples eyes will be opened to these scams.

    Take care!

    – Rick

  5. Dear John,

    It does not mean that I am not totally disagree with you. However, the long run may sometimes start from the finish of several short runs like this.

    Maybe, those zombies are on their ways finding their own trends. Of course, they may be unsuccessful but experience teaches them wisdom. Then they will know what is better for them.


    P/s: I do not want to post comment just for the cover but the content is what is my main attention.

  6. It really makes me sad that some people are ready to use any technique just to increase their income by few dollars. By they have to learn that their clients will know the truth soon. So, the best way to make money is to look for your clients’ trust and not to deceive them

    1. True, but sadly many Internet Marketing Zombies and Vampires just don’t care. Why? Because they get lots of new subscribers every single day. Sometimes using white-hat methods, and many times using black-hat methods (e.g. buying unsubscribe lists).

      What I believe is that it takes ethical marketers a little longer to enjoy the same level of financial rewards as Internet Marketing Zombies and Vampires but the journey for an ethical marketer is much more rewarding because he or she shares it with their clients, who are also their friends. Also, they get the public recognition they deserve while the Zombie or Vampire is hiding in the shadows.

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