Adapting Your Wholesale and Distributor Business to COVID-19

If you’re the owner of a wholesale or distributor business, the changes are you’ve been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of you are really struggling and are forced to asked yourself how to adapt your wholesale and distributor business to COVID-19.

We asked owners of wholesale and distributor businesses all around the world what they are doing to adapt their business in a world suffering from the Coronavirus. This is what they had to say:

iPhone and Apple Watch Accessory Manufacturer

Nomad is a Santa Barbara based iPhone and Apple Watch accessory manufacturer. Two weeks ago we expanded our overseas production line to begin producing medical masks to help meet the global demand of PPE.

Additionally we’ve taken a number of steps to change the way we approach social media and advertising namely in the expansion of both.

Chuck Melber, Nomad Goods

nomad smartphone cases business adapts to covid 19 by making medical masks


Biodegradable Glitter

We are a company offering biodegradable glitter, the only in the world that biodegrades on natural environment!

To serve our customers we have developed a new product, anti bacterial gel but we added this glitter that falls whenever the action of the anti bacterial has passed, reminding us to get a new dose.

How to use Today Glitter antibacterial gel?

  1. Apply Today Glitter Antibacterial gel on hands until it dries completely. Your hands are clean now!
  2. Small naturally biodegradable glitter sparkles will remain in your hands. It will be your visual reminder on when it is time to reapply.
  3. Once naturally biodegradable glitter disappears off your skin it means it is time to reapply.

Lourdes Vaca, Blue Sun International

Laptop Bags, Sleeves and Cases Design and Manufacturer

At WaterField Designs, a small San-Francisco designer and manufacturer of custom laptop bags, sleeves, and cases for digital gear, we took immediate action to stay connected to our customers, to keep them informed, and to encourage them to place orders in spite of unavoidable shipping delays.

Our primary goals:

  • Communicate that our online store remains open and that orders will ship upon our return to the office.
  • Inspire confidence and entice consumers to continue ordering during lockdown.

Our methods:

  • Website homepage alerts regarding San-Francisco’s shelter-in-place policy and resulting shipping delays.
  • Personal responses to each order:
    – Order notification that includes information about delayed shipping
    – Welcome to our community email
    – Personal one-on-one email from our founder thanking them for their support and offering them the option to cancel their order. (The response to these emails has been an outpouring of support for our business and our workers.)
  • Limited-time offer: Free domestic 2-day Fed Ex shipping upon our return to the office.
  • Frequent outreach through blog and social media posts.

Heidi Marzke, WaterField Designs

waterfield bags distributor adapts to coronavirus by offering free fedex shipping


Appliance Parts Distributor

Our company is a large appliance parts distributor and we have always focused on do it yourself homeowners. Now that COVID19 has hit, we are having to pivot our marketing efforts towards more general awareness campaigns around helping educate homeowners that they can fix their appliances themselves (and save up to 90% of the cost of an appliance repair professional).

We are also offering more services for free than ever before in an effort to help as many Americans as possible save money and keep their family safe, our brand new Facebook community connects homeowners with our expert technicians for free.

Tiana Dragos,


If you’ve got a food or beverage business, we’d love to hear about what you’re doing to adapt to Coronavirus. Leave a comment below!

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