6 Keys To a Wildly Profitable Marketing Funnel

The success of ANY business comes back to its marketing. Have you ever wondered why some businesses, with inferior products, do a whole lot better than their competitors?

It’s not luck. It’s their marketing.

Steve Jobs - Marketing GeniusApple is a classic example of this. Steve Jobs was able to take Apple from a start-up to a wildly successful company within a decade. And what happened after he was ousted? Within the same time-frame they were going downhill, fast! Again, when Jobs was brought back in he turned Apple around into the powerhouse that they are today.

How was he able to do it? It wasn’t the money and resources that he had at his disposal. The company had all that when he wasn’t there. It was because he understood the marketing position they needed to take.

I’m going to share with you today six marketing strategies that if you implement in your business, will increase your bottom line (and that’s an understatement).

1. Be Up To Par With Your Market’s Sophistication

For example, years ago you could sell ebooks for $47 and even $97. Not anymore. If you’re going to sell a product at that price today, you’re required to have written and detailed, step-by-step video content as a minimum.

2. The Unique Mechanism

What is it about your product or service that is unique to your competitors? For example, a newly discovered Himalayan mineral that is proven to make you lose weight faster than any natural substance known to man!

3. What is Your BIG IDEA?

What is your vision? You need to keep your prospects from mentally ‘opting out’.

4. Presell, Education-Based Marketing

As you’re educating your potential customers, you need to answer these three questions that are in their minds in order for them to buy from you:

i) what do they need to believe about you?
ii) what do they need to believe about themselves?
iii) what do they need to believe about your product?

5. Proof

Provide as much proof as you can. This could be a live demonstration, live testimonials, awards, your lifestyle, etc.

6. Optimize Your Funnel Based on Engagement

Most email marketers will have an autoresponder series set up where they reveal one piece of content after the other in a sequence; leading up to a sales pitch. If you do this, make sure that your prospects see your content before inviting them to the next in the series.

Do you use these strategies in your marketing? Leave a comment below!

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