2 Lessons I Learned From Breaking My Phone

The dreaded happened yesterday… I dropped my iPhone and when I picked it up the screen was cracked! So depressing. But fortunately it still worked okay.

So I was in no rush to get it fixed until it really started to play up today. When I wasn’t able to use it properly anymore, I knew I needed to get it fixed asap. I mean, once you have a smartphone you can’t live without it.

Especially if you’re an Internet marketer 😉

I was at the beach with the kids today when it died so on the way home, I found the nearest computer store. As I walked in I saw an older couple seated behind the counter. The store was empty so they both had their eyes on me as I approached them.

“Hi! Do you repair iPhones here?” I asked hopefully.

Their expressions immediately dampened a little so I knew what was coming next, “No, we don’t.”

“Oh, okay,” I responded, rather disappointed. “Do you know of any place around here that does?”

Their response amazed me…

“No. There’s no one around here that repairs iPhones.”

They went on to explain to me that the closest iPhone repairer they knew of was a 20 minute drive away. As I walked out of the store I heard them commenting to each other how I was the second person that day that had asked them about iPhone repairs.

Sure enough, when I got back home and did a little snooping around on the net, there was no one around there at all that fixed iPhones.

Wow. I couldn’t believe it! Here’s a couple that have all the overheads of a traditional brick and mortar business…

…and have regular visitors coming to their store asking for a service that they can EASILY provide (I know because many people buy their own iPhone repair kits and do it themselves)…

…and there’s NO competition within miles…

…and their store is empty…

…yet they don’t take advantage of the opportunity!

It really is mind-boggling.

Perhaps they are set in the ways that they have done business in the past? I don’t know. What I’ve learned from my own experiences is that you need to adapt to survive in business. The market is always changing.

Even products and services that haven’t changed in decades still have to adapt to change.

Take for example Coca Cola. They have been creating the same product for decades but I can guarantee you they spend a ton of time and resources on their marketing and distribution strategies. If they didn’t they’d be dead in the water.

There’s a couple of lessons in this story:

1. If you see a golden opportunity that you can easily take advantage of, TAKE IT. They don’t come by very often BUT the more you take action, the MORE opportunities you will be given. Some people call it the law of attraction.

2. Don’t be afraid of change. Expect change. Embrace change. Be doing so you’ll be much more happier and successful.

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4 thoughts on “2 Lessons I Learned From Breaking My Phone”

  1. Lol, yeah you are right John, a smartphone definitely makes life easier for us internet marketers! I have a Galaxy S3 and it is so useful to be able to check my emails, or send tweets and status updates on the fly! I’ve also got a nexus 7 (mini tablet) and I’m gonna get an adaptable keyboard for it so I can also do a bit of blogging on the move too 😉
    I recently went to Norway and was sitting at the gate at the airport thinking how useful it would have been if I had the keyboard so I could make the most of the time and do a bit of blogging!

  2. Great post… I am a believer of the law of attraction… Oh, and yeah a smart phone is a must for anyone into internet marketing!

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