PaySpree is a new digital marketplace has just arrived on the scene. The biggest and most popular digital marketplace is by far Clickbank, with the next biggest rival being PayDotCom. Let’s compare them all…

Clickbank Pros

– Affiliates get paid weekly by direct deposit to their bank account

– Hundreds of thousands of affiliate members

– Payments to affiliates and refunds automated

Clickbank Cons

– $300 limit on vendor products

– $49.95 activation fee per product

PayDotCom Pros

– No product activation fee for vendors

– No limit on vendor product prices

PayDotCom Cons

– Affiliate payouts and refunds are not automated

– Long wait for affiliate commissions

– Affiliate membership is not very large

PaySpree Pros

– Instant affiliate commissions to your PayPal account

– No product activation fees or approval process

PaySpree Cons

– New network and therefore not many affiliates

– Refunds not automated

In my opinion, PaySpree will be a major rival to Clickbank in time. Because of the instant payments to affiliates, PaySpree will be more popular with affiliates than PayDotCom. And because of its less restrictions and no activation fee, it will be more popular with vendors than Clickbank.

Sign up for your free PaySpree account here.

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  • online opportunities May 24, 2010, 7:43 pm

    nice list of the pros and cons of each digital marketplace site but I think that clickbank is by far the best cause of the plethora of affiliate products and user friendly process. But of course is always good to come new players and increase the competition…

  • Oswald Rodrigues September 10, 2010, 9:26 am

    Payspree is owned by Gary McCaffrey, not Mike Filsaime. The latter owns Paydotcom. McCaffrey is an experienced marketer, so we can look forward to interesting times ahead with Payspree.


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