Top 10 Free Online Graphic Design Tools in 2022

Top 10 Free Online Graphic Design Tools in 2022

We often wonder how designers create exceptional graphics. Though everyone has a different skill set, tools are present to hone their abilities. And they don’t even need to make a hefty investment. Most of them are free to use and available online. They also save time, provide pre-made templates, give access to stock images, and much more.

Thankfully, they are not designed only for the experts. People with no design experience are also enhancing their brand’s visual appearance through these tools.

There is a lot more to know about them. Keep reading as we have listed all free designing tools in this article: 

1. Canva

The first tool on our list is Canva. It enjoys a great reputation and the features fully justify its fame. The intuitive interface lets you select various options from the homepage, for flyers and logos to brochures and meme makers. 

Besides this, it’s ideal for individual projects as well as teamwork. Readymade design templates are present to create alluring visuals within minutes. You can also create designs and call others to edit on the same platform. This real-time collaboration assists in achieving targets with ease. 

 2. Pixlr Editor

Even if you are new in the designing industry, you must have heard about Pixlr. The tool enjoys great fame because it is one of the best AI-based photo editing platforms. In a few clicks, it enables you to edit and create professional-level images. 

With this tool, you can easily remove the background and change the image’s color. 

This online tool for image and graphic designing has tons of users globally. Therefore, if you want to speed up your designing tasks, try Pixlr Editor!

3. Figma

When it comes to collaborating on graphic design projects, Figma is another good option. It lets you bring all members on one page. Since the tool is web-based, anyone can access the design with just a link. After viewing, members can directly provide feedback and view revisions too. 

In short, it acts as a multiplayer, enabling different people to work simultaneously on the same design. They can use the online whiteboard, designing options, sticky notes, and much more. People working in remote setups feel thankful for this fantastic feature. 

4. Flipsnack

If managing multiple projects at the same time is frustrating you, try Flipsnack. Here you can create different workspaces for every designing task. Flipsnacks main objective is to speed up your work. That is why it enables you to select more than one element at a time. You can choose all your favorite design elements in one go to save time. 

Not just this, you can create a catalog from scratch or give a professional touch to brochures, flyers, and portfolios. Tons of impressive templates and an online editor is present to make things easier. 

5. Vista Create

Vista Create is also a perfect choice for ready-to-use templates. The tool comprises numerous other features like video trimming, text addition, animations, and integration of both – custom and stock images. Plus, the drag and drop option makes customization straightforward. 

Overall, the tool is user-friendly and aims to simplify the design process. Even beginners can produce high-quality designs with minimal effort.

6. Vectr

Those having an interest in vector graphics can have a look at Vectr. The tool comes with a user guide and tutorials to help you design exciting layouts. You can also collaborate with teammates as it provides the real-time sharing option. 

Apart from it, a chat feature is also present to communicate seamlessly with your editor. All these things make Vectr a perfect place for blur-free graphics!

7. Befunky

Befunky platform is intuitive and lets you create designs like a pro. You can add a touch of a classic design through vintage ribbons or display uniqueness through geometric shapes. Moreover, there are greeting card designs, templates for banners, invitations, social media, and a lot more. 

The platform is ideal for almost every graphic designer, irrespective of skill level. After trying it out once, you will surely explore endless opportunities. 

8. Stencil

Stencil also gives tough competition to its rivals. The tool is a hub of stock images, fonts, icons, templates, and much more. You can access it through any browser, and it’s free to use. 

Designers appreciate its integration with Buffer. The feature lets you schedule image sharing for multiple social media accounts. You can create commendable graphics through Stencil and automate the sharing process. 

9. Snappa

Snappa can be the right choice if you want a design tool with basic features. Like others, it also lets you use the pre-made templates, remove background, add text, resize images, etc. But if you are working in a team, you won’t be getting the collaboration feature for free. 

The platform is intuitive, and newbies can easily use it. If you are working individually and want to start up with a simple tool, Snappa is for you!

10. Tinkercad

3D graphics are gaining great popularity, and Tinkercad is the tool for it. Get access to a massive collection of shapes or import your favorite ones; the tool provides both options. You will enjoy combining multiple shapes and viewing their 3D effects. Or, if you have a unique shape in mind, share it with Tinkercad. They won’t mind adding it to their library. 

Students of robotics and STEM also use this tool to give life to their concepts. STEM studies science, technology, engineering, and math that involve working with 3D graphics. 


Create Alluring Graphics with Free Graphic Designing Tools

The tools mentioned above can enhance your design productivity like never before. Pre-made templates save a lot of time. And customization gives you a chance to add uniqueness to the designs.  

Additionally, the background removal feature, availability of stock images, and presence of multiple fonts ease the complex designing process. 

When the process becomes simple, taking on more projects looks possible. Visit the website, pick the best tool, and start your design journey. 

Good Luck!

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