The 4 Step Money-Pulling Niche Strategy

Here is a simple, proven niche strategy that will make you a lot of money online:

1. Pick your keyword phrase.

a. Your target keyword phrase should be at least 2 words, preferably three. Find about 3 or 4 keyword phrases that are closely related to your niche.

For example, if the keyword phrase was government car auctions, other keyword phrases might be government auto auctions, police car auctions, police auto auctions.

b. Your keyword phrases should be easy to incorporate into a sentence because you want phrases that people will use to search on the internet.

c. Your keyword phrase must be commercial in nature, i.e. it must be something that you can monetize. A good way to verify if it is commercial is to do a search with your phrase on Google. If lots of ads appear on the right hand side of the search results, it is a profitable keyword.

d. Your keyword must have less than 100,000 pages indexed on Google. This is a key point. Anything more than this is too competitive.

2. Create a website.

This doesn’t need to be fancy. You only need four pages (one for each of your keywords). Also, you will need to have Privacy, About Us and Contact pages.

3. Submit a few articles.

Create four articles, each one based on one of your keywords. Submit your articles to and make sure that your website link is in the resource section.

4. Submit videos online.

Create four videos, one for each of your keywords. If you need ideas for what type of videos you can create, go to Youtube and see what’s already available. When you’ve completed your videos, go to and submit them automatically to over 20 video sharing sites. Tube Mogul is a free service.

And that’s all there is to it!

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