Online Business Christmas Strategies

Christmas is the ultimate time of the year for business owners. But are YOU getting the most out of this crazy buying season?

Here’s some online business Christmas strategies that you can use right now in your business to make more money online…

*** Online Business Christmas Strategies #1 – Gift Certificates ***

Online Business Christmas Strategies“ allows spas and salons to get savvier with giving the gift of beauty by accommodating shoppers with the ability to sell gift certificates in-store and online. By enabling online booking and eCommerce options, spa and salons can still take advantage of those big holiday gift certificate dollars while their employees enjoy time off.

“It also provides a significant edge over their competition, especially if those competitors aren’t using a spa or salon management system like Booker.

“Selling gift certificates can do the following for spas and salons: increase sales, generate new business, drive return visits.”

Josh McCarter –

*** Online Business Christmas Strategies #2 – Gift Guides ***

“We work with SMBs optimising their websites, and without fail the ones that do best over the holiday season are the ones that optimise their site by creating ‘gift guides’ including products based on what sold well last holiday season and what is currently popular across various categories.

“Promote using your main keywords and with often used search phrases like handmade gifts for women creative gift ideas for men, etc. Within the guide, they can link back to pages within their site, and they can also reuse a lot of it for the next holiday season!”

Larissa Murillo – MarketGoo

*** Online Business Christmas Strategies #3 – Expedited Shipping ***

“We offer expedited shipping up until the final days before Christmas. When customers buy gifts online at the last minute during the holiday season, they want confirmation their purchase will arrive on time.

“Our shipping policy helps alleviate any worry shoppers may have about getting their presents ready for the big day.”

Bob Ellis – Bavarian Clockworks

Your Online Business Christmas Strategies

Have a great strategy for making more sales during Christmas? We’d love to hear it! Leave a comment below…

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