Aweber Links Not Working?

I was quite annoyed today to find that Aweber had another outage that caused the links in my emails to not work at all. It is the second outage in the last 2 days.

If your Aweber links are not working, there is something you can do as a workaround.

The problem I had was that when I clicked on the link I was taken to Aweber’s long tracking url. It looks something like this:

Normally, these tracking urls redirect to your destination url.

What you can do to make the links in your Aweber emails work again is to resend out your email with the tracking feature disabled. See illustration below:

Aweber Links Not WorkingUncheck the “Track Clicks?” checkbox and resend your email. Your links will now work okay.

Note: By turning off this feature you are unable to get statistics on how many links are clicked on. However, once Aweber resolves the click tracking issue, you can re-enable this feature.

10 thoughts on “Aweber Links Not Working?”

  1. Re-sending the message is often not an option. If I receive a duplicate of a newsletter or something like that, which wants to sell me stuff, then at least they could make sure I only received it once – and the one I received, would actually work 🙂

    This is not your fault though, it’s entirely up to Aweber since they apparently are unable to provide a stable platform for businesses, so there’s only one to blame: Aweber.
    .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..Dots Gloves D200 Finally Arrived – Quick Review & Video Demo =-.

  2. Hi Klaus,

    Thanks for the commment. Yes, I didn’t want to resend out to my list too – I was afraid that they would be upset to have another email from me but then I thought that they were already upset to have a link that didn’t work so I sent it out anyway. I made sure to explain the issue so that they would understand.

    We’ll see what happens!

  3. Have received about 6 mails from aweber John on the same pos and 3 of the re-posted one,
    but have not been able to access the page in any of the 3 browsers i use, suggest ask for a compensation from aweber, on their website aweber has posted a database maintenance though slated for 3rd/4th dec…

    take care


  4. It’s really unfortunate that this happened because it puts Aweber users in a tough spot. You generally don’t want to resend your list because inevitably, even if you explain the reason for the duplicate email, some people are probably going to unsubscribe and others are going to have a little less faith in you in the future. And also one of the main reasons to use Aweber in the first place is the click tracking, so if your best option is to both ditch the tracking and upset your readers that is not a good option at all. At the very least, I think Aweber should compensate everyone who was affected by this. It made both Aweber and their clients look very unprofessional.
    .-= Chatham Movers´s last blog ..Caldwell Movers =-.

  5. I was quite annoyed today to find that Aweber had outage that caused the links in my emails to not work at all. from manydays showing massage”this webpage is not available”

  6. Hi Dinesh, yep, it’s really bad when you realise something like that.

    Always make sure you optin to your own list so that you can receive all the email messages your subscribers will receive. Check that the formating and links are all correct.

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