Traffic With Articles

Traffic With ArticlesOne of the best ways to drive free, targeted traffic to your site is with articles. Getting traffic with articles is easy and it’s viral.

Why is it easy?

Articles don’t have to be long. 250 words is a great size for an article and if you know what you are talking about it should only take you a few minutes to write!

How is it viral?

By submitting your articles to online article directories, they can be picked up by ezine publishers or website owners. Because you are credited as the author of the article (with a link back to your site), your website can be viewed by thousands, even millions for days, weeks and years to come.

How do I get started?

Simply sign up for a free account at an online article directory. The most widely used and respected article directory is Ezine Articles. They will also give your article the most exposure and, in turn, bring you more traffic. Another good article directory is GoArticles.

Within your account you can write up and submit the article online. Make sure that the resource section at the end of the article has a short plug about your site with a link back to it.

Repeat the process for best results.

Obviously, the more articles you publish, the more internet presence you’ll have and the more traffic you’ll get. Write and submit at least one article a day.

Follow this plan and you’ll begin to see immediate results. After one year you’ll be amazed at the amount of traffic you’ll receive!