Social Networking

Social Networking is a powerful way for you to generate a lot of free, extremely targeted traffic. Social networks have been around for a long time but only recently have they taken over the way we interact as a society and also how we surf the Internet.

A classic example of this is Facebook. Facebook is now the 2nd most visited and used site in the world (the first being Google). It only came on the scene back in February 2004 and already has over 500 million active users that spend a lot of time on it every single day.

Today, there are hundreds (if not thousands) that make a full-time income online just utilizing free Facebook traffic. They do this through Facebook pages and groups.

What is Social Networking?

When it comes to the Internet, social networking is a site that helps people with the same interests to connect and interact one with another. Depending on what type of networking you’re interested in, there are different sites to cater for you.


Facebook allows friends and family to easily keep in touch, share experiences, birthdays and anniversaries, photos and videos, play games online together, and much more. Other family and friends orientated social networking sites are MySpace, Twitter, Bebo and Nexopia.

Some sites are specifically for business persons that want to expand their connections. The most popular site in this genre is LinkedIn.

Many social networking sites exist for the dating niche. Other social networking platforms are designed to allow you to create your own group. Ning is a great example of this.

Social Networking Traffic

As Facebook is by far the biggest and most influential social networking site, I’m going to focus on how you can use it to get a lot of free, targeted traffic.

If you’ve ever used Facebook, you’ll notice that many of your friends will say that they ‘Like’ a certain page or group. If you have an interest in that same topic, you’ll most probably visit that page as well. This is especially true if more than one friend ‘Likes’ the same thing.

If you set up a Facebook page or group based on a particular niche and continually add exciting new content, you’ll find that your membership will quickly spread amongst those that have an interest in that niche.

Another way you can make use of Facebook traffic on your own website or blog is to place a Facebook “Like” button on your pages/posts and also a Facebook comment section. There are WordPress plugins that do this for you, or if you have a website, simply go to the Facebook Social Plugins section on the Facebook website for instructions on how to do this.