A great way to get an unending supply of targeted, free traffic to your sites is forums.

What is a forum?

An online forum is a place where individuals who have a common interest can interact with each other; discussing ideas, asking questions, expressing views and so forth.

What types of forums are there?

There is a forum for just about any topic you can think of. If there are a considerable group of people interested in a given subject, you’ll most likely find an online forum.

Examples of common forums are dieting, parenting, gardening and investment forums.

How do you get free traffic?

If you can add value to a forum through your participation in it, you can get lots of free, targeted traffic to your site. Here’s what I mean:

Let’s say you have a site were you are promoting a gardening ebook and you know a lot about gardening. Simply find a gardening forum – you can do this by searching for ‘gardening forums’ in a search engine – and make sure it has a lot of activity. You can tell this by the number of members it has and how many posts have been made.

Gardening Forum

Gardening Forum

In the above illustration you can see that there are heaps of posts so you know that this would be a great forum.

Once you have found a suitable forum, join it (membership is usually free) and fill out your personal profile. Here’s a good tip: make sure you add your photo and join under your real name. This will help you to build real relationships with others, rapport and trust.

An important section of your profile that you will want to make sure is filled out is your signature. Within your signature you will want to briefly promote your site, e.g. For great gardening tips, visit

Here’s a great example of the type of profile you want to have (photo, real name, helpful comments, signature promoting site):

Forum Post

Forum Post

Once you’ve completed updating your profile you are ready to begin contributing to the forum. Look for posts were people are seeking help in an area that you have knowledge and give them the advice they need. Or, create a new post and offer some valuable tips. As you do this, the other members of the forum will appreciate your input and come to trust and respect you.

And because you have a signature, they will see your site’s link at the bottom of every one of your posts.

The great thing about forums is that your posts will always be there and will be seen by existing forum members and also by anyone else who joins the forum and comes across your posts in the future.

If you are interested in an internet marketing forum, my highest recommendation is Warrior Forum.

Forums are a great way to a lot of free, targeted traffic to your site. Don’t delay, start doing it today and enjoy the benefits!