Does Presell Work?

51 subscribers and 7 sales… we’re talking about a 14% conversion rate… that’s amazing!

I couldn’t believe the stats. Normally, I’d get about a 2% conversion rate, which got me thinking. You see, the offer is killer (check it out here) and I had wondered why it didn’t convert better. Now I know why…


The 14% conversion rate was from optins that had come from a book release article about the top 100 Clickbank affiliates that I was featured in. There wasn’t even a link back to my site but you could see the url (check out the article here).

This means that those that visited my site and opted in would have had to either copy and paste the url into their web browsers or type it in… either way, they really wanted to visit my site because of the good review and credibility associated with Get Rich Click with Clickbank.

In other words, they had been ‘pre-sold’ on my effectiveness as an affiliate marketer and because of that high level of trust, they took me up on the one-time offer.

You’ll hear it taught time and time again by successful marketers that you need to establish a relationship of trust in order to make sales. This is clear evidence of that.

Also, if you’re just promoting other people’s products, it makes a big difference to your bottom line whether you just say to your prospects, “hey, check this out…” and then give them an affiliate link to click on, versus giving your prospects an honest review of the product (or even better explaining to them how and why you use it) before sending them to a sales page.

I see this everyday. When people optin to my free offers, I have banners to other related products on the download page for the free gifts. Clicks from these banners convert at around 0.5%. However, when I mailout to my list a review of a product and prove that I like it, use it and that it will help them with their business, conversion rates easily double or triple.

Preselling is powerful. That’s why review sites and blogs are so popular.

It all comes down to risk. People like to know that they are getting the best deal. If you can help them make the right decision they will be happy to make a purchase.

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  • Matt Poc March 9, 2011, 5:59 pm

    Yeah, preselling is one of the most things. I have seen several people building sites optimized for search engines and they put lots of efforts not building sites but preselling. And that’s why they’re making $500 per site per month instead of making $100 per month…

    It is also much more better to send an email with a story how you “stumbled upon” the product that you are promoting. I have found that this also builds relationships with my subscribers, because people like to see behind the scenes…



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