5 Ways to Make Money Online?

As the popularity of the internet has grown, so have the various avenues for doing things that could only be done offline previously. Many ways exist for making money online now and you can also get free stuff if you look in the right places.

While the average person will not get rich overnight working online, extra income can be made by a beginner or even a steady stream of revenue for someone more experienced.

What are some of the ways to make money?

1. Auctions

The most popular site for this format is eBay.com, but other sites exist, too. Auction sites provide the opportunity to get rid of unused items that still have some useful life to someone else.

Antiques that could be turned into cash through an auction may also be lying around untouched and even unnoticed. Some sellers can make a living going to yard sales, second hand stores, and other such places flipping items for a profit.

While making a living from home this way sounds appealing, it requires special talent, diligence, patience, and much hard work.

2. Fixed-Priced Selling

Books, Cd’s, Dvd’s, software, and more can be listed on such sites as half.com and amazon.com. Even eBay has an option for a fixed price listing.

The advantage of the former sites is that the item specifications are often pre-filled based on a unique identifier such as an ISBN number. The format is cleaner, and buyers can search for what they want with all the options in front of them on one page. Sellers can see exactly what the going price is for the item, and market their wares accordingly.

3. Surveys

Be especially careful here as many sites are scams soliciting your information. Many others promise the world but either pay mere pennies or don’t offer many opportunities to participate.

Do your research first. Surveypolice.com is a great resource for evaluating whether a site is worth looking into, or worse, a scam. You will never get rich doing these, but you could earn some revenue or a few gift cards.

4. Writing

Many sites will pay you to write articles around certain subject or using specific keywords. Others offer the opportunity to list your article for purchase. Still other sites have a need for “how-to” articles.

Pay will vary greatly depending on experience, but money can be made here. Like the survey sites, be aware of scams and low-paying sites.

5. Transcribing

Some sites will pay you to transcribe online audio from such sources as lectures or board meetings. This requires a great deal of patience, excellent typing skills, and some specialized software.

While working from home in your pajama’s whenever you want sounds appealing, long hours, hard work, and focused concentration are still prerequisites to success, even in the cyber world.

This guest post was written by Muzammil Bashir, Senior Editor of freestuff.co.uk – the home of great freebies because ‘everyone loves a freebie’.

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  • Matt August 1, 2011, 9:10 am

    I just would like to add, that you do not need to be transcribing anything – you can find people on fiverr who will transcribe 30-60 minute audios for $5, which is amazing!


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